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How to Find Suitable Teaching Vacancies in Market Harborough

When it comes to teaching vacancies Market Harborough, you can search and apply for thousands of jobs online through a recruitment agency. You can also register to receive email alerts any time there’s a job opening that meets your criteria. The good thing is that you can view details of each job advertised, including the company that is hiring, the job title, job description, and the ideal candidate being sought. The job advertisement will also inform you of the location of the company, the salary you can expect and the number of hours you’ll be working per week.

Apart from learning about your annual salary, you can also learn about the type of contract you’re going to be offered, which can either be part time or full time. Another piece of information is what the prospective employer is offering in terms of working conditions. For instance, the prospective employer can offer a well established and effective staff team, a good working environment and training and development for the successful candidate. If you find the terms being offered satisfactory, you can instantly send your application online and if you’re shortlisted, you will receive an email alert.  Continue reading

Top Tips to Get the Perfect Teaching Job

In the job market these days, there is always a rush for the perfect job that pays the bills and offers a standard work satisfaction. While many find it difficult to land the job of their dreams, those who are interested in primary teacher jobs might find the tips in this article beneficial. With the adequate degree and the right mindset, almost anyone who is interested will find some use for their teaching skills in the job scenario today. The following are some much researched tips that are sure to assist one in landing primary school teacher jobs.

Top Tips for Primary Teacher Jobs

Building the CV: While everyone who appears for any job interview has a CV to hand in, the one thing that should be included in the CV of a prospective teacher is a solid work experience that concerns any aspect of teaching. While some might find it difficult to do so in the case of first time job applications, it is a good idea to include some NGO work and social service hours that they might have put in. This is one of the few things that tend to incline the interviewer favourably towards the applicant.

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Looking for a Career in Education? Here Are Some Options

Do you have a passion for teaching? Then maybe a career in education is the perfect choice for you. But there are so many different options if you are looking for teaching jobs in Nottingham that before choosing the right path for you, take a look at what career options are available.

Early Years Teacher
If you enjoy working with small children ages 3-5, then this is the ideal choice for you. You could be working at a nursery or pre-school, as well as conduct in-home visits. To become an early years teacher you will need to obtain a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). In order to do so, you will need to obtain a degree first and then pass the initial teacher training course (ITT). Salaries for this profession start at £21,588 per year. Continue reading

How to Find Teaching Jobs in Dunstable

Teaching is a lucrative profession. It is the cornerstone of many civilised societies and currently one of the most competitive professions to get into, particularly in England. If you are a new graduate teacher and looking for the best teaching jobs in Dunstable in Bedfordshire, follow these three steps to increase your chances of success:

Step one: research

Finding a good entry level teaching job in Dunstable is not as easy as many people think. With tens of accredited institutions of higher learning (universities and teacher training colleges) churning thousands of teachers annually competition is cut-throat. If you are looking for your first job, want to outsmart your competition, and therefore, get placement faster, the first major step you should take is to research. By identifying as many teaching job openings in your locality, you increase your odds of being summoned for an interview, and therefore, getting your dream job.

One of the easiest techniques for finding teaching job vacancies in Dunstable is via word of mouth. Contact friends and relatives and tell them about your job search. If possible, draft, print, and circulate your curriculum vitae to as many school principals as possible, to help broaden your network. Another platform for finding teaching jobs in Dunstable is the job board in your locality. Check whether any recent teaching vacancies are available. If so, note the particulars of the job vacancy and contacts of the advertiser. Finally, search online. Many websites nowadays maintain detailed catalogues of available teaching jobs that you can browse, note particulars of, and even apply for on the internet. Visit two or more reputable ones and populate your list further. Continue reading

Characteristics of an Excellent Educator Hired in Supply Teacher Jobs Grantham

Being a supply teacher is a rewarding job because a person can concentrate on teaching a subject and manage flexible time. Furthermore, there are lots of instances when supply teachers are needed. This resulted to more supply teacher jobs Grantham educators to choose from.But more than just the job offer, prospective supply teachers must know the qualities that will make them great in the field.

The following are the characteristics that make a reliable supply teacher…..

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