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How is teaching going to be different if the schools reopen?

With Borris announcing that many of the primary schools will start to open there doors to some pupils from the 1st of June, many teachers are wondering how this is going to work. Schools are going to be expected to socially distance children from each other as much as possible and the whole day is going to run very differently. They will not be able to share equipment and work closely with others like they used to and start and end times are likely to be staggered. They will also do a lot of learning outside and may be split into smaller classes to be taught. It is likely that not all parents will want their children to go back to school when the schools first open so it is going to be difficult for the teachers to know exactly how many children they are going to be catering for.

When it comes to planning it is going to require a lot more time to ensure that social distancing is met but there is still a good educational value for the children. Teachers will want to follow the guidelines but also ensure that children are happy and learning.

How to make maths lessons fun

With most of the UK school children on lockdown, many parents and carers are having to turn their hand to teaching. This is a huge as of people that have no teaching experience and often struggle to get their children to sit still and concentrate like they do at school.

When it comes to maths or any lesson, it is important to try and make it fun. This will help keep the children’s interest and also help them take in what is being taught better.

Maths is one of those subjects that pupils either love or hate and this often comes down to whether they are good at it or not. Maths is a very important subject to do and is one of the main ones that you will use throughout your daily life.

For many students they simply find maths boring and therefore do not want to learn. When teaching younger children, you can often make maths fun by making the tasks more physical. So rather than being sat down working their way through a written task, why not go outside and use hop scotch as a way of counting. This not only gives the children a bit of excitement but will also help them to remember what is being taught.

Working as a supply teacher in a new school

It can be quite stressful when you have the call to go into a new school to cover a teacher’s absence for some reason even if you are an experienced supply teacher. When you are going into a familiar setting you usually know the other staff and the normal daily routines such as assembly and break times however in a new school everything is unfamiliar, and it can lead to feelings of anxiety.

Forward planning is vital so that when you are offered work in a new school you can confidently accept the work.

By looking on the school website, a requirement of all schools, you can see the school staff and make sure you know the names of the senior staff members and the school administrator, often your first point of contact. The website might also give you information about the daily routines and school rules making you feel more prepared when you are standing in front of the class you are teaching. It is useful to find out if you will have any additional support in the classroom as teaching assistants are an invaluable help when navigating the routines. They will also be able to help with classroom organisation such as seating plans and will be able to make you aware of any children who will need extra support in class.

Ideas for end of year gifts for your class

When school is nearly out for summer it can be quite emotional for teachers to say goodbye to their existing class and often most teachers like to get a small gift for the children, this can however work out pretty expensive with around 30 children to each class.

Usually, the best gift ideas aren’t those that cost a lot but more ones that have some thought behind them.

You could, for example, give the children a symbolic gift with a nice poem or message. For example some seeds to plant in a pretty pot with a poem about growing.

Most teachers opt for something little like sweets however this can cause trouble for some children with dietary issues so would need to be considered. 

A nice touch might be to present each child with a nice photo of you and them together with a hand written card, something that they can keep that shares a memory or moment from their year with you.

Whatever you choose to do Its sure to send them off for their holidays with a smile on their face and lovely memories of their year at school.

Calling all science teachers

 Teaching can be a very rewarding job and the pay can be quite good. The satisfaction you can get from the job does often attract new applicants but the stress that comes with a job can also cause many teachers to quit within their first year or put some teachers off before they have even qualified.

You will usually have had to completed a degree (which takes about 3 years) and then do a further year PGCE, to get your teaching qualification. For primary teaching some ITT providers prefer you to have a degree in a national curriculum subject. If you don’t, you should talk directly to the training provider to see if they will accept your degree.

Recent studies show that schools are struggling for teachers that cover the science subjects and that this is having a knock on effect on some pupils. 

Recent research shows that of 1,200 science teachers surveyed, 61% had considered quitting the profession. Often this was due to too much paperwork and unrealistic expectations placed on them. This can lead to extreme amenity and stress. Over fifty thousand teachers left the profession last year, with pupil numbers rising something needs to change in order to cover this shortfall.

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