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Looking for work in an office environment?

Office work is probably one of the most popular types of jobs, especially amongst school leavers as there is often a large amount of these types of roles available and some require little or no experience. This does not mean that these jobs are not rewarding and good jobs to have. Office jobs can vary widely depending on what industry they are in. If you chose to take on an office job that is based within a company that deals directly with the public, then you may find that much of your role is customer facing and managing being the go between with the customer and the business. If you chose to work for a company that sells to the trade, then your role may be more based around working on your own or closely with internal members of staff rather than with the public.

Working in an office is a great way to get a feel for a work place. You will often get to liaise with different departments and get to understand how the company works.

Often you have the opportunity to progress from an office role such as an office junior up to manager or co-ordinator quite quickly if you show willing and are reliable.



Top Tips to Get the Perfect Teaching Job

In the job market these days, there is always a rush for the perfect job that pays the bills and offers a standard work satisfaction. While many find it difficult to land the job of their dreams, those who are interested in primary teacher jobs might find the tips in this article beneficial. With the adequate degree and the right mindset, almost anyone who is interested will find some use for their teaching skills in the job scenario today. The following are some much researched tips that are sure to assist one in landing primary school teacher jobs.

Top Tips for Primary Teacher Jobs

Building the CV: While everyone who appears for any job interview has a CV to hand in, the one thing that should be included in the CV of a prospective teacher is a solid work experience that concerns any aspect of teaching. While some might find it difficult to do so in the case of first time job applications, it is a good idea to include some NGO work and social service hours that they might have put in. This is one of the few things that tend to incline the interviewer favourably towards the applicant.

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Teaching in an independent school

There are two main types of schools; independent (also known as a private school) and state school (or public school). As a teacher there are differences in teaching in these type types of school.

An Independent school has more control over what they teach and how they teach it as they are not subsidised by the government, instead the fee paying parents and donors cover the cost. This also gives them more control over who they can hire.

The relative lack of regulatory guidelines for fee-paying schools does mean there can be more variety when it comes to pay, benefits and working environment.

One off the main benefits in teaching at an independent school is that you will be teaching classes of smaller sizes, and because money is not as much of an issue, resources are not stretched so far as in a public school. For teachers this means a greater ability to control classes of pupils and to give more attention to individual pupils.



How to Find Teaching Jobs in Dunstable

Teaching is a lucrative profession. It is the cornerstone of many civilised societies and currently one of the most competitive professions to get into, particularly in England. If you are a new graduate teacher and looking for the best teaching jobs in Dunstable in Bedfordshire, follow these three steps to increase your chances of success:

Step one: research

Finding a good entry level teaching job in Dunstable is not as easy as many people think. With tens of accredited institutions of higher learning (universities and teacher training colleges) churning thousands of teachers annually competition is cut-throat. If you are looking for your first job, want to outsmart your competition, and therefore, get placement faster, the first major step you should take is to research. By identifying as many teaching job openings in your locality, you increase your odds of being summoned for an interview, and therefore, getting your dream job.

One of the easiest techniques for finding teaching job vacancies in Dunstable is via word of mouth. Contact friends and relatives and tell them about your job search. If possible, draft, print, and circulate your curriculum vitae to as many school principals as possible, to help broaden your network. Another platform for finding teaching jobs in Dunstable is the job board in your locality. Check whether any recent teaching vacancies are available. If so, note the particulars of the job vacancy and contacts of the advertiser. Finally, search online. Many websites nowadays maintain detailed catalogues of available teaching jobs that you can browse, note particulars of, and even apply for on the internet. Visit two or more reputable ones and populate your list further. Continue reading

Great Tips For Landing a Teaching Job

Today, as the major focus is education, you can easily land a teaching opportunity if you have the necessary qualifications. In the recent years, teaching jobs have gone up since more funds are being pumped into education sector. In addition, these jobs have also undergone so many developments and changes too, resulting in the availability of many jobs in education. Qualified teachers are also needed work extra harder since such jobs are more demanding in quality these days.

However to get a good teaching job nowadays, it can be a good idea to follow some useful tips so that you can increase your chances of getting the job. Regardless of high unemployment rates in various sectors of the economy these days, teaching jobs are among those jobs that you can easily find if you have the necessary qualification. According to some recent estimates, it is clear that hiring rate for teachers is higher compared to other sectors or industries. So, what are the factors you need to consider when looking for a teaching job? Here are some of them:

Prepare yourself adequately for the interview

After being shortlisted for an interview, the first thing you should do is to know all the questions asked at interviews and be able to provide their answers without any difficult. Do a little research about the school and district, know its background, and know what the job you are looking for entails. By understanding all these, then you are ready to go.

Ability to fine-tune lessons

In most parts, there are special lessons that you need to fully master for great success in teaching jobs. Teachers are commonly known for fine-tuning their teaching based on certain requirements of the students. Usually, various students come from different backgrounds with different abilities to grasp whatever the teacher is teaching. When looking a job as teacher, you should be capable of tailoring lessons for every student.

High degree of adaptability

Another important ability to show to the interviewer when being interviewed for a job in the education sector is to show high degree of adaptability. Show them that you are really adept at knowing more about disabilities too. Often, there could be several kinds of situations in the classroom, which would need a high degree of adaptability. Therefore, you need to show great confidence that you are capable of handling difficult situation to increase your chances of landing the job. These jobs also need you to be sensitive to different groups since it is possible to have various ethnicity groups in one classroom in various schools across the country.

Obtain special education training

Among the best teaching jobs mostly available nowadays, special education teaching is one of them. It requires teaching and dealing with students with certain disorders. If you have the necessary qualifications, getting this kind of a job is much easier. Enough experience can also be added advantage when looking for such jobs.

To get a teaching job especially in UK, you must obtain all the necessary qualification; however, since there various jobs in the education sector, each of them have different levels of qualification. It is therefore important to know the job requirements before applying for it.

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