The whole world is going through a very strange time at present and a time like no other. All schools have had to adapt their way of working in order to reduce the risk of Covid to pupils and staff members. Most schools have staggered start and finish times to allow for a constant flow of students rather than an influx all at the same time.

Teaching has had to change as no longer can children learn the way they used to. Much of the teaching should be done outside if possible and equipment ideally limited and not shared with others as much. Teachers also need to think about how they are going to continue to teach students that are self-isolating. They may be doing this due to a family member having the illness or coming in to contact with someone who has the illness. Just because they have self-isolated once doesn’t mean that they won’t have to do it again, potentially meaning they miss out on lots of school work.

Most teachers have set up online portals where they can upload work for children to do at home and then send it back to them. This is not ideal but is certainly better than them missing out entirely.