As a teacher it is important that you find different teaching methods that you can use for different pupils. Although this may make your job a little more complicated it can help immensely with individual children’s learning.

It is unfair for us to expect that all children learn at the same speed and level. Many children will excel in one area but then may struggle in another. It is important to refinish when your teaching method doesn’t suit a child and try and adapt it to ensure they are not missing our. It may be that they need more one on one attention, in which case you may be able to get a teaching assistant to sit with the child and help them along. If there are quite a large group of pupils that don’t seem to get it, it may be that you are going too fast or are using words they don’t already understand. Rather than getting frustrated try and take a step back and approach the subject matter in a totally different way. Visualising things can often help a lot so don’t forgot to draw or write things down to get the children to be able to see what you mean.