With Borris announcing that many of the primary schools will start to open there doors to some pupils from the 1st of June, many teachers are wondering how this is going to work. Schools are going to be expected to socially distance children from each other as much as possible and the whole day is going to run very differently. They will not be able to share equipment and work closely with others like they used to and start and end times are likely to be staggered. They will also do a lot of learning outside and may be split into smaller classes to be taught. It is likely that not all parents will want their children to go back to school when the schools first open so it is going to be difficult for the teachers to know exactly how many children they are going to be catering for.

When it comes to planning it is going to require a lot more time to ensure that social distancing is met but there is still a good educational value for the children. Teachers will want to follow the guidelines but also ensure that children are happy and learning.