Mobile devices have become so commonplace now that the majority of children either have their own device or have use of an adult’s one. As the apps that are on these devices may be educational it is important that children are still given the opportunity to immerse themselves in real books and reading not only for the enjoyment it brings but also because primary school aged children are expected to reach a good level of reading ability by the time they enter key stage two at the age of seven. This can be problematic for some children who may be reluctant to read not only books, but any printed material and it can also be a concern for parents and teachers who are often searching for ways to inspire and encourage reading.

Learning to read may not be easy for some young children so one approach is to show them that there is a purpose to reading whether it be reading the instructions to a favourite game or reading a recipe to make a cake. This type of incidental reading can encourage children to engage in reading without them being aware that they are doing so.

Another way to encourage a reluctant reader is to share children’s magazines and comic books together so that the child may be inspired to read material about a hobby they enjoy or an interest they may have. The biggest challenge for any teacher or parent is to resist putting pressure on the child to read but rather show them that reading is fun and an activity to be enjoyed.