Teaching is a hugely stressful job and there are many aspects of teaching that people find difficult and can cause unnecessary pressure and stress. As a teacher there will be times when you may feel that you need a bit of help and advice. It may need that you need advice on how to deal with the behaviour or a certain individual or class of students or possibly how to teach a particular subject in an informative but fun way. There are a number of places that you can go to help seek out the answers to your queries and many teachers often start by asking the advice of fellow colleagues or the head teacher. You may even find that a colleague has been through a similar situation to you and can help you by suggesting things that you could try that seemed to work well for them. If it is a certain topic or element of the curriculum that you are worried about, why not see if anyone has copies of lesson plans that you can look through to help you plan your lesson.

Often there is a huge amount of information, worksheets and lesson plan ideas online, your school may have access to sites such as Twinkl which can give you a great place to start.