Getting a job as a teacher in a primary school is a popular career choice as the job security is good, it is a job that has good prospects and fits in well with family life. The first step is to obtain the relevant degree qualification for the role you want to have. As a primary schoolteacher you will be required to teacher all subjects so the choice of subject to take at university is down to your preference. It is possible now to do a general degree which does not require you to have a specialist subject.

Having qualified, the search is on to find a job. If there are no restrictions to the area you can work in the process of getting a job is far easier as you are free to move to a new area if necessary.

Most local authorities who employ teaching staff in schools have an application form that will need to be completed rather than submitting a CV. On this form there will be opportunity to express the previous experience you have had and any interests that you enjoy. It is a good idea to tailor the information to the post you are applying for as this will increase your chances of getting to the interview stage of the application process where you can expand further on your abilities and suitability for the role.