If you are a teacher, you will already know that your time is very precious and if you can save time anywhere you should do.

It is common practice to spend a lot of your spare time in the evenings and weekends planning lessons and marking work. It is a good idea to try and reuse as much of your planning as possible to cut down on the time it takes in the future. Very often you will be teaching the same topics year after year so it is worth ensuring that you save your lesson plans in detail to enable you to reuse them when possible. It may be that you have to teach different year groups. This doesn’t mean your previous lesson plans couldn’t be used again just that they would have to be amended.

Make sure that you have a good lesson plan template that you can use time and time again. If you do not have one, you can often find great examples online or if you work with a teaching agency they may be able to give you one.

Another way your lesson plans can come in use is to share them with other teachers that work in your school or through teaching forums.