Single-gender private schools have been around for many years, however, more recently public schools have also opted for this form of education.

There is much debate over the pros and cons of single-sex education with promoters stating that it allows teachers to specifically target the typical learning styles of either boys or girls as they can be very different. Even down to the temperature of the classroom, studies show that girls learn more effectively in a warm classroom whereas boys tend to do better in cooler classrooms.

Some parents feel that in single-gender classes their children are less likely to be distracted from their studies by the opposite sex especially in secondary schools.

People who are for mixed schools would argue that not all children fit into specific gender roles, therefore, adhering to one style of teaching would not be suitable for every member of a single-sex class.

Also, many parents believe that the social aspect of a mixed school environment is vitally important for general life education and should not be limited for the sake of single-gender education.

Either way, it’s an individual choice so each to their own!