Each teacher has their own style and a way in which they like to teach. This may have worked for years but if you change schools or have a new head teacher or head of the year start then you may be required to change your teaching style to some extent.

All schools have set rules that they need to follow that are set out by the department of education and they also will have in-house rules that are set by the county or that specific school. It is important to find these out before you start so you can ensure that you are teaching in the correct way for that school and you are advising pupils in the right way.

If you believe that something could be changed to improve a process at school, then be sure to speak to the head of the year or head teacher and express your views to see if they agree before you go ahead with any changes.

You can still put your own personality into teaching even if the school has strict guidelines that need to be adhered to.