If you would like to work in an education setting but do not want to work with young children it may be worth exploring a career in further education. This is any study that takes place after secondary school but outside of higher education (university).

In further education, the teaching does not always happen in a classroom. It can take place in community centres, workplaces and private training centres and could involve teaching a variety of learners including young people and adults who are returning to education.

Courses can range from basic literacy and numeracy skills to apprenticeships and technical qualifications such as BTECs and can be full time, part time or taught in a block.

The benefits of working as a further education teacher are mainly down to the positive attitude of the students to their learning. As they have chosen to embark on a further education course they are more likely to work hard and successfully complete the course with your support along the way.

If you want to train or retrain to teach in further education some employers will let you start teaching without a qualification because you can work towards one as you go. This also means you will be earning a salary straight away. A bursary may be available for certain subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Engineering and can help with living costs whilst training.