The job of a teaching assistant can be very rewarding but it is also very hard work and you do have to be prepared to work hard and long hours. Most TA’s only get about ten to twelve thousand pounds a year which is not a huge amount of money compare to the hours they have to work. This wage is often pro rata so they may well still get paid through the holidays.

To become a TA you do not have to have qualifications but most schools do now look for this. You may be able to go straight in to an apprenticeship TA role with the school or you may decide to go to college first and get the qualification you need to allow you to apply straight for a full time position.

As a TA you will be expected to provide support to pupils who may need extra help and to supervise groups or even the whole class for short periods of time where required. You will also need to be wiling to help create displays, prepare worksheets and set up the classroom for tasks. You may also be required to talk to parents or carers and help support them with their child’s education if needed.