With the turnover of teachers so high at present and more and more leaving the profession entirely, we have to question what is going on in the world of education. After speaking to a number of teachers, it is easy to see what the most common reasons for leaving are and why many of them say teaching is not what it used to be.

Education has moved on a lot over the past decade and children who are now starting reception are doing work that maybe 20 years ago would have been done in years 4 or 5.  It is great that our children have the opportunity to learn more from a younger age but with this comes added pressure to students but also to teachers whose job it is not constantly checked that the children are at the level they need to be.

Teaching has become more targets and results-based and there is also a lot more paperwork for a teacher to complete. With teachers often having classes of 30 plus, lesson planning and marking now takes up a huge part of their working day, often meaning they are having to carry on working at home in the evenings.