It can be quite stressful when you have the call to go into a new school to cover a teacher’s absence for some reason even if you are an experienced supply teacher. When you are going into a familiar setting you usually know the other staff and the normal daily routines such as assembly and break times however in a new school everything is unfamiliar, and it can lead to feelings of anxiety.

Forward planning is vital so that when you are offered work in a new school you can confidently accept the work.

By looking on the school website, a requirement of all schools, you can see the school staff and make sure you know the names of the senior staff members and the school administrator, often your first point of contact. The website might also give you information about the daily routines and school rules making you feel more prepared when you are standing in front of the class you are teaching. It is useful to find out if you will have any additional support in the classroom as teaching assistants are an invaluable help when navigating the routines. They will also be able to help with classroom organisation such as seating plans and will be able to make you aware of any children who will need extra support in class.