If you are a teacher looking for work then not only do you need to find a school that is within your geographical location that has an opening, but also one that suits your teaching style.

Many schools have quite a lot of say over how they are run and therefore you might find that the policies and procedures at one school differ quite drastically from another.  IF for example you are used to working in schools in rural areas, then you may find that switching to work in a school in an urban area is quite different.

When looking to apply for a teaching job be sure to read all the recent Ofsted reports that are available and have a good look through their website and recent news. You should be able to find policies on the school’s website about their ethos and what they expect from their pupils. This information should give you a good overview of the setting, but it may be that you do not get a real feel for it until you are invited in for an interview. At this stage you can ask any questions you may have and take the opportunity to have a good look around the school.