Over the last decade there has been some big changes in the education industry. In 2015 the law was changed to state that children were required to participation in some form of education or training until the school year in which the child turns 18.

People start their first job at a variety of ages. Some people chose to start work straight after their GCSE’s, as soon as they are legally old enough to do so, whilst others may not actually start looking for work until they have been to university and possible even taken a gap year.

Choosing which career path to take must be decided based on your own personal circumstances and career that you wish to go into. Some professions require you to have a degree in which case you will have to do some sort of education whether it be open university, traditional uni or on the job training. Other professions are more flexible and will accept people who are self taught with some experience if they show knowledge and willing.  There is no set right or wrong time, everyone is different and many will follow different routes. if you are looking for teaching jobs then these are normally advertised in local papers, government /local authority websites and specialist sites such as TES and you will need to have done your PGCE to apply.