With the Christmas holidays fast approaching many parents are trying to plan their work around the time the children are off or having to find suitable childcare to allow them to continue going to work.

Most jobs, unless you work in the education industry carry on as usual during approaching and following Christmas and that can be hard for parents as not only do they want to spend time with their children but they will also have to fork out for childcare.

You may be able to save some of your holiday up throughout the year and book a few weeks off around Christmas, but many companies will have a policy that Christmas holidays must be shared so you may only be allowed some of the time off. If you are going to be using childcare for a period of longer than 6 weeks then you can possibly get help from the government towards the cost.

IF you are a teacher or work in the education industry then you will most likely have the same sort of time off as your children give a day or two, but you may still need to work from home or go in to school during the holiday to do making or planning.