Getting a full time teaching contract with a local authority is usually top of the list for many graduate teachers but for those with family commitments working as a supply teacher could be a much better option as it is easier to plan your working hours and days around your family.

The first thing you will need to decide is whether to seek work through one of the teaching agencies or whether you are going to source supply teaching posts independently. Most local authorities will only consider supply teachers who are signed up to an agency, but sometimes smaller schools are more flexible in their approach. Although the salary when working as a supply teacher for an agency is usually less you will be guaranteed regular work and can determine the days you are available for work.

For many teachers the plus side of supply teaching is two-fold firstly you are in control of the days that you are available for work so for instance you can fit in hobbies or holidays to suit you and your family, the second advantage is that you will not be responsible for much of the paperwork that many teachers find onerous and time consuming although some basic assessment at the end of a teaching day will usually be required.