Recent reports have shown that the number of newly qualified teachers that are quitting the industry within their first year is drastically on the rise. A new survey shows that 73% of trainee teachers have considered leaving the profession mostly due to workload and stress factors. These figures are shocking and show that we really do need to do something about it.
Many people have the view that teachers have an easy job – not starting till 9 and finishing at 3.30 with holidays throughout the year (including 6 weeks in the summer). The truth is that this the real life profession is not at all like that. Most teachers will arrive in school about 8 am and often not leave until gone 5, with their daily work not ending there. Ignoring the fact they they may have a family or other commitments to attend to when they get home there is also a mountain of planning, assessments and marking to be done. This can put a huge pressure on teachers in school but also their home life and is the main factor in many people quitting.