ce0ac49f079131b81ef5ca94b221719eTeaching can be an extremely stressful job with recent statistics showing that the majority of newly qualified teachers (NQT’s) leave the profession within their first year due to stress. This is a scary statistic and shows that something needs to be done in order to support teachers more.

With the summer holidays fast approaching us, teachers all over the country are looking forward to the six week break that they will get whilst the schools are closed. Some people argue that teachers have too much time off but when working in a very stressful role without being able to book time off as and when you need to like many people with flexible holidays, the summer holiday can be that very important break that they need.

Studies have shown that teachers tend to work better following a break as it has given them time to reflect on what has worked and not worked throughout the year and they often go back feeling ready to cope with the new challenges they face.