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Finding a school that suits your teaching style

If you are a teacher looking for work then not only do you need to find a school that is within your geographical location that has an opening, but also one that suits your teaching style.

Many schools have quite a lot of say over how they are run and therefore you might find that the policies and procedures at one school differ quite drastically from another.  IF for example you are used to working in schools in rural areas, then you may find that switching to work in a school in an urban area is quite different.

When looking to apply for a teaching job be sure to read all the recent Ofsted reports that are available and have a good look through their website and recent news. You should be able to find policies on the school’s website about their ethos and what they expect from their pupils. This information should give you a good overview of the setting, but it may be that you do not get a real feel for it until you are invited in for an interview. At this stage you can ask any questions you may have and take the opportunity to have a good look around the school.

Fitting your work in around school holidays

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching many parents are trying to plan their work around the time the children are off or having to find suitable childcare to allow them to continue going to work.

Most jobs, unless you work in the education industry carry on as usual during approaching and following Christmas and that can be hard for parents as not only do they want to spend time with their children but they will also have to fork out for childcare.

You may be able to save some of your holiday up throughout the year and book a few weeks off around Christmas, but many companies will have a policy that Christmas holidays must be shared so you may only be allowed some of the time off. If you are going to be using childcare for a period of longer than 6 weeks then you can possibly get help from the government towards the cost.

IF you are a teacher or work in the education industry then you will most likely have the same sort of time off as your children give a day or two, but you may still need to work from home or go in to school during the holiday to do making or planning.

Leaving work for a supply teacher

As a teacher you should always try and leave your classroom so that someone else could come in and teach if they need to. You should have lesson plans for at least the next week ahead but ideally rough plans taking you up to the next half term. You may not always know if you are going to have to have time off so it’s important to prepare and be organised. If you do know that you are going to have to have time off then you can get work prepared to leave for a supply teacher. Ideally try and have a chat with the supply teacher so you can talk over your lesson plans and explain what you want them to do. This also gives them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

You may also want to give them an overview of the class such as if there are any pupils they need to keep an eye on or any that may need extra support.

If you need them to mark work then make sure you ask them to do this. If it is a supply teacher that has not worked in your school before it can be useful to write them a quick list of useful information such as break times, names of other teachers that teach that year group or subject and details of the teaching assistant who will be working with them.

Getting your classroom ready for the new year

With many teachers enjoying the first few weeks of the summer holiday, school is often not far from their mind. This is the time when a lot of teachers start to plan what they will be doing when they go back to school and think about how they are going to organise their classroom.

If you are going into a new classroom or teaching a new year group then you may need to make more changes that usual to the room layout and displays. Leaving all this until the last minute can cause you to panic and run out of time. If you can, try and split your work load up in to one or two days a week so that you still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Starting off the year feeling like you are prepared can really help you get back in to the swing of things and allow you to get a good head start. Preparation is key and if you are struggling then make sure you sort out any issues you have well in advance of starting back in September. Seating plans can help to get the new class settled quickly even if you need to change it later on down the line.

Ideas for end of year gifts for your class

When school is nearly out for summer it can be quite emotional for teachers to say goodbye to their existing class and often most teachers like to get a small gift for the children, this can however work out pretty expensive with around 30 children to each class.

Usually, the best gift ideas aren’t those that cost a lot but more ones that have some thought behind them.

You could, for example, give the children a symbolic gift with a nice poem or message. For example some seeds to plant in a pretty pot with a poem about growing.

Most teachers opt for something little like sweets however this can cause trouble for some children with dietary issues so would need to be considered. 

A nice touch might be to present each child with a nice photo of you and them together with a hand written card, something that they can keep that shares a memory or moment from their year with you.

Whatever you choose to do Its sure to send them off for their holidays with a smile on their face and lovely memories of their year at school.

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