Working as a supply teacher whether in a school that you are used to or in a school that is through an agency your responsibilities are not always made clear apart from the obvious duties of teaching the class and making sure that safeguarding guidelines are followed to the letter. Although some schools have policies on what they expect from a supply teacher many do not but if you want to be offered work on a regular basis it is important that you not only create the right impression when you first start but also fulfil the duties expected of you in that particular school.

Many teachers whose classes you cover will set work for the children to do and expect this to be carried out as per their guidance. This is especially true with older pupils who often have a fixed curriculum to cover in a given timeframe. Should this be the case it is important that the supply teacher carries out the teacher’s instructions as much as possible. At the end of the day a brief note to the teacher outlining how the day went is a valuable way to communicate.

 There may be times when a supply teacher is needed to cover an unexpected absence and in this case work may not have been set so it is a wise move to have lessons prepared that can be adapted to the age group you are teaching. It is essential that all work is marked according to the school’s marking policy checking with a senior member of staff if anything is not clear.